If you find yourself steadily off-course with your arrows, there are some key tips you can use to increase your overall accuracy. Doing these during off-times will create a second-hand sort of discipline that you won’t even need to think about when it comes to hunting season or competition.

First thing you will want to do is make sure you are holding your bow properly. Ensuring a good bow grip is key to making sure everything else falls into place behind it. Your grip should be like holding hands with a grade school crush. Keep it firm, but relaxed. When you grip it hard, or ‘white-knuckle’ it, you extremely degrade your chances at a more accurate shot. If you can’t seem to find the perfect loose grip, you can always do an open bow hand, as long as you accompany it with a wrist sling. The sling will prevent the bow from falling, so you can more focus on your aim and accuracy, instead of your grip.

Next, you are going to want to focus on your draw. This step comes into play before you even take the bow out. The draw is something you want to have control of before you leave the store. While most bows are adjustable now, make sure you get one you are comfortable with. Do not strain too much to pull it back. If it’s too heavy and your muscles are tightening and straining to draw your bow, not only will this kill your accuracy, but it can be very unsafe, as well. When drawing back, pull from your target. All too often in movies, you see someone draw while pointing down, then raise themselves to shoot. This is a very common mistake that you can easily avoid. Once you have a target, everything should be done at that target: your aim, your draw, and your follow through.


After this, you want to make sure you follow through with your shot. Your aim and sight should be on that target until your arrow makes contact. Doing this with every shot will ensure you don’t waver from your target at the last second. Remember that when you release your arrow, it travels down the length of your arm and off of the bow. If you find yourself immediately dropping your stance after letting go of the arrow, you are probably affecting its path and this is a very common reason for shooting too low or too high. Follow through is one of the most overlooked steps, but can be the life or death of your shot.

Finally, make sure you have good equipment! A high calibre bow, like the bows available from GetRecurveBow.com, will help ensure your results are consistent and accurate. A good quality bow should give you essentially the same performance each and every shot so you can eliminate equipment performance from your list of concerns and focus on making a good shot!

Using these tips and finding a good balance between you and your bow will always ensure better accuracy and in turn lead to better behaviors and habits when shooting. Whether it’s a 28 m moving bird or an elk, you have to master yourself before you can master the bow. Continue to practice and hone your technique and you’ll be better with every shot.