The Easiest Way to Distinguish and Select the Best Arrows for Yourself

Arrows are one of the two main ingredients when it comes to Archery. Like bows, there are several different types of arrows you can choose from. In this article, we will describe the different types of arrows you can select and select the perfect arrow type for the bow you are using.

Steps You Need to Take to Choose Which Arrows are for You

The first thing you need to determine is your draw length, which depends on how long your arms are and where you pull-back with your hand. The length of your draw and the length of your arrow should be the same if you are in the correct position. The next thing you should measure is your pulling weight of the bow. You can only estimate this when you are at draw length. When you have these two measurements, you can look at arrow charts and sizes to determine which one would best fit your measurements.

Arrow Types

You can distinguish the types of arrows available by the material they are made from, and there are only a few options.


Arrows made of fiberglass are sturdy but heavy. They can take a lot of damage, but mostly non-competitive archers use them.


Wooden arrows are for traditional archers who prefer longbows. They have different types for entry-level and other ones who are matched to your arrow length and bow weight. Archers who practice Field Archery, Longbow Archery, and Traditionalists prefer to use them.


Aluminum arrows are made of light piping, and they are best used when shooting from short to medium range outdoors and indoors as well. They aren’t expensive and are incredibly accurate and robust. The sizes available are many, and there are different models, which are slightly more expensive. You pay more when you want more hardness and accuracy. You should be okay if you are shooting from up to seventy meters distance.

Carbonfibre and Carbon/Aluminum Composite

The Carbon Arrows are light and stable, but smaller than aluminum arrows which give them the ability to travel greater distances. The arrows are also faster, and if you want to use them, you have to have an excellent clearance and tune them to the bow precisely. They are mostly used in competitive circles and are suitable for outdoor distances.

Arrow Chart

If you aren’t a professional archer, you need a guideline on selecting your arrows based on your bow and yourself. If you use the Easton Arrow Chart, you would have no problem choosing the right arrows for yourself. Easton is the world leader in arrow-making for competitions, and they designed a chart to help people choose the right size. The chart covers all Aluminum, Carbon, and Carbon/Aluminum Composite Arrows which the firm produces. There is a different chart for Wooden arrows. All you need to do to use the chart successfully is to know your bow’s weight of pull at your arrow length after that is a simple matter of looking at the tables and finding your desired material.