Popular Types of Archery and the Differences Between Them

Archery isn’t a widely popular sport, but it’s been around for many centuries. People first used it as a method for hunting food, but it became a sport or hobby for people in the late sixteenth century. In recent years, the sport was made popular with the CW’s TV show – Arrow – which ended at the beginning of 2020. Another famous archer who won the hearts of many fans is Hawkeye from Marvel’s Universe. Since these pop culture hits have come out, many people have taken an interest in Archery, whether it’s just a hobby or competitive style. The sport is also widely popular because it’s been a part of the Olympics for over two hundred years.

When you hear the word “archery,” you may think of different things depending on your previous knowledge of the sport, art, practice, or however, you refer to it. Below you can all the types of Archery practiced nowadays and what precisely the difference is between them.

Target Archery

Target archery is when you shoot at a still and round target. You can practice it both indoors and outdoors, and the target itself is placed at different distances, depending on the rules of the competition. You can use a compound, longbow, recurve, or barebow.

Field Archery

Field archery is almost the same as 3d Archery with one key difference – the types of targets placed on the course. In field archery, the targets are sometimes paper or bag targets. You can use a compound, recurve, or longbow.

Traditional Archery

Traditional Archery is different for each person. Some people say that in traditional Archery, you can only use a longbow or recurve without any other equipment, which is sometimes called a barebow. Other people think that traditional Archery is for using bows and arrows made of wood and feathers.


Bowhunting is whenever you hunt using a bow and arrow instead of a rifle. This type of hunting is way harder than the standard way, and it takes a lot of practice. Most people don’t consider it a sport, but a way of providing food on the table when you don’t have an alternative.

Mounted Archery

The most action-packed type of Archery is mounted Archery. In this type of sport, you have to hit the target while riding a galloping horse. Keep in mind that you can’t hop on any horse, both you and the animal have to get explicitly trained for mounted Archery.


Bowfishing is more of a hobby and a way to hunt food rather than sport. You shoot with a regular bow and arrow, but at the end of your arrow, you have to connect a hook. When you shoot your target under the water, you reel in the fish using the hook and line.

3D Target Archery

The 3D Archery type is when an archer shoot at a three-dimensional object that resembles animals in their regular size and shape. Usually, this type of Archery can be practiced for fun or participate in a tournament. The courses are set up like hike trails, and the event takes place outdoors.